Adrianna -member of Young Justice
-World's Powerful Telekinetic

 – 00:43, April 1, 2013 (UTC)

Adrianna Reyes
World's Strongest Telekinetic
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive; 16
Powers See Powers
Other statistics
Eye Color light brown
Hair Color Brown
Group Young Justice
Location Mount Justice


Adrianna Reyes lived in a rich mansion in Malibu, California. Her father was out at work, when Adrianna discovered she was a metahuman. She tried to hide it during dinner. She was asked to pass the mashed potatoes (yes I know, classic) but, Adrianna didn't feel like it, so she accidentaly levitated it to her father. Her father, called her a cursed child and kicked her out of the house. She lived in the streets for a while, became a prostitue and joined a gang. The gang abused Adrianna, and so she left. While in at the mall one day, she lost control of her powers and trashed a whole mall. Swat teams came, and arrested Adrianna. The Team, found Adrianna and she had help. After she had help, she joined the team.


Adrianna is a sweet, charsmatic young woman. She is laid back, and enjoys having fun. Even though she is beautiful, she doesn't take it to her advantage. Adrianna is the nicest girl you will ever meet.



Adrianna is a highly skilled and powerful telekinetic. She can fly at subsonic speeds, generate telekinetic force barriers, fire telekinetic force blasts, create 'force constructs' (such as platforms to lift people with), as well as lift things weighing multiple tons with only her mind.

Since then, Adrianna's powers have eased slightly in intensity, but for a while were much higher than before. As a result, she had very little fine control over her telekinesis. At one point, she tried to lift a paper clip and accidentally blew a hole through the floor of Mont Justice. On another occasion she blew up her bedroom, and stated that anything smaller than a refrigerator caused enormous explosions.

Her control has since improved; recently she has been shown as being able to feed herself telekinetically. Adrianna's fine motor control has sky rocketed.

Before, Adrianna channeled her telekinesis through her fingers. She has now begun to route the energy through her head, like most other telekinetics. Adrianna is also capable of controling all four elements, easily. ( water, earth, fire, and air.)