Ben Sampson
"The name is Sampson. Ask any more questions and you'll end up in an uncharted island"


Second in Command of SoP
Future Hawk
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive (Formerly Deceased), 21
Powers Flight, Superhuman Intelligence, Hand-To-Hand Combat Mastery
Other statistics
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Group Shadows of Protection
Location New York City, New York


The person now known as Ben Sampson was born under the name of Denzel Richiott to Martha and Sean in Toronto, Ontario. When he was ten he discovered that he had the ability of flight and soon joined the team young justice under the codename of Hawk. At the age of seventeen he died in a battle against the supervillian Kryptonite, however, half a year later he was revived by Justice Agents Atlantis and Alaska using the last waters of the Lazurus Pit. After his revival, he found out that all of his other teammates had been killed by Kryptonite and nearly half the planet had been destroyed. Villains now basically controlling all that was left of the semi-apocalyptic world, the agents had been told by the mystic Madame Jazz that Denzel was the only one who could save the world. Seeking guidance, Denzel went to the elderly Richard Grayson seeking assistance, and he was taught over the next three years in seen types of hand to hand combat and over thirty subjects, Denzel was a completely changed man by age twenty-one. Extremely matured, Denzel was also now a master at hand to hand combat and had an IQ of over 200. The agents who revived him finally found him ready, and sent him back four years in time back before his death. Dying his hair brown and changing his name to Ben Sampson, he was instructed with the task to stop Voltius attack. He soon located hero James Wolfe and joined his group the Shadows of Protection as the second in command, deciding to stay as far away as possible from his modern-day self. He keeps his real identity secret as a safety precaution, and acts under the hero name of Dusk.  


  • Flight- Ben has mastered the ability of flight, however he mainly only uses it for transportation. He can levitate up to 60 miles in the air, and can keep flying for over 26 hours. He also has the ability to levitate others.
  • Genius Intellect- Ben has and IQ of over 200, making his intelligence superior to even Stephen Hawking. He can speak over thirty languages, and has knowledge equivalent to fifteen Doctorate degrees.
  • Hand-To-Hand Combat- Ben is a black belt in Sho Do Kan, Ninjitsu, Chun Kuk Do and over seven other types of martial arts.


Ben's suit was specially designed by the Justice Agency using Government funding, and is extremely advanced. It is flame and shock resistant, and is made up of a Kevlar reinforced polyester shirt with metallic armor added onto it, Kevlar reinforced jeans, a black helmet and padded shoes lined with advanced soles that allow him to walk on walls. He also has two metal gauntlets on each hand which hide a variety of hidden weapons, including a blaster cannon and hidden blades.