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David Gold
Black Phantom
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Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive; 13
Powers Symbiot
Other statistics
Eye Color Black
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Group Young Justice
Location Classified

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David Gold -member of Young Justice
-Black Phantom

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Early LifeEdit

When David was a child, he was treated horribly by his parents. Because of that, he devolped a snese of danger and shyness. He always had a sense of danger because his father, a fallen Green Lantern, had full, uncontrollable, power. He would be brutally beaten from his father, in turn having scars on his chest. But all of a sudden, his father disappeared. He was left at home with his mother, who was a scientist, and his brother.


When he was 10, David's mother preformed an experiment on David. They injected a black Symbiote, new and experimental, into David's back. This Symbiote would let David jump into a totally black suit. This suit would give David extreme strength and speed. It would also let him use the suit as like "spiderwebs", to capture villians. It would also form as armor, and would basically take over his body, and give him another personality. This would change his life forever.

Life As A HeroEdit

David used his power to stop villians in the city he lived in. He never wanted anybody to have a life like he did. He met Jason Stone one day while he was patroling the downtown area. He was sitting on a high building when Jason just appeared. David wanted to know who he was. Jason said he was a friend. Ever since then, they have been best friends. Jason is really the only person David opens up to. In fact, Jason knows enough about him that he helped him get into the Team.


David, since he is a only a kid, likes to have fun. He still has a sense of danger, and reacts to the most simplest things. When someone gets to know him, at least when he opens up to them, he really gets to know them. When he isn't playing on a video game or writing, he's usually out in the city patrolling.


Since David had a hard childhood, he has many scars on his chest. He usually wears a short-sleeve shirt, and regular blue jeans. When the Symiote takes over his body, wether it's under his will or because of danger, he wears a plain black suit. It engoulfs his body and gives him, basically, a ninja-look. He can control the black material with his mind, and makes the mask move over his face.


When he has his Symoite-suit on, David can use the material as like webs. He also gains amazing strength and speed with it on. He can move like a shadow and walk through walls while he has his suit on. The Symbiote basically changes his personality too. It makes him brave, outgoing, and ambitious. David has learned how to use his Phantom abilities without the full suit on, which helps in everyday life.