Brandon Dylan
I am Brandon Dylan who are you? -Brandon Dylan
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Medium
Powers Alive, 18
Other statistics
Eye Color Yellow(When Good)

Red(When Evil)

Hair Color Red
Group Young Justice
Location His Magical Realm

Brandon(Good) -member of Shadows of Protection

 – 19:22, January 2, 2013 (UTC)

Hey come here I have something to tell you...

Brandon(Bad) -member of Shadows of Protection

 – 19:22, January 2, 2013 (UTC)

It's how I'm gonna kill you


Brandon isn't a Human.He is an experiment created in a Labratory by a Mad Scientist named Marko Dylan.He was intended to help Marko dominate the World for Evil purposes.He was invented with a mix of Superhero Gentics taken by Marko when he hired a Mercenary to sneak into Mount Justice and extract DNA from a Superhero when they were sleeping.The DNA was from someone with Magical Abilities.He collected the DNA and mixed it with his own to create Brandon.Brandon was born with an Evil Will and did all sorts of things form Bank Robberies to Murder.But the other Side of his DNA...The Super Side was still convincing him to do good.He Grew confused.In the Confusion his Good side let out and he killed his "father".Then he ran.Ran until he was far away.He worked on his Magical abilities on the Street and was eventually able to make a small Magical Realm for himself that he could access every once in awhile.He modeled it after the House his father owned.He still lived in the Real World though and eventually found a small Ad for the Shadows of Protection and requested to Join.He was eventually Accepted and now does Mission for good instead of Evil.But he still has his Evil Alter-Ego who comes out every once in awhile but neither can remember what the other did.


He is usually pretty nice when he is in his Good Alter-Ego but in his bad one he suddenly gets a sense of evil and will try to hurt you.


He can control most forms of Magic.Butt it may Vary on his Good or Bad alter egos.His Bad form may be considered a Power-Up in some standards if he is able to control it because his Bad Form can actually increase Magic Standards.He also hs a magical barrier around him at all times


His Bad Form has more magical control and more power then his actual form so his Bad form can control different forms of Power.

1% Power Form- He only uses 1% of his overall power.This form is his usual form in battle.

50% Power Form- He uses 50% of his Overall Power.His Magic Barrier becomes noticable in this form.

100% Power Form- He uses 100% of his Overall Power.This is enough Power to Rival even the strongest heroes.

Final Form- A boost in his Power.He grows bulkier and his power boost up to somewhere around 120%

Max Final Form- This is his last transformation.It has enough power to overthrow any Superhero easy.It uses 150% power.


  • He is Left handed in good form and Right handed in bad.
  • He is very intellligent
  • He does feel guilty about killing his Father so don't bring it up.
  • His Staff as created by him.