Character Coding Signup

If you would like your character to be "coded" then you have come to the right place. If you don't know what codeing looks like, please look at this page.



1. Pick which character pages you want coded.

2. Figure out what colours you want for the text, the header, and the outline. The text is the colour of the words, the header is the colour of the big coded headings and the outline is well its the outline! Also pick which font you wish to use. (You can find available colours and fonts listed below!)

3. Comment in the comments with something like this: I wish to code the character page:John Smith. (text color = colour is "put colour here", header colour = "put colour here", outline colour is "put colour here" , background color = *put color here* and I wish the font type to be "put colour here". You are allowed to ask for more than one character pages to be coded. Also, please don't ask for coding in character.

4. Next, just wait. If there are people before you, theirs will be done first. Just wait patiently and it will get done as soon as we can.

Color and FontsEdit

Color and Fonts

To get colors, go to this page, and pick the color you want. If you want one of the Major hexadecimal colors, just type the color name. If you want one of the more specific colors, you put the code name, (I.E. light sky blue 4 = #566D7E ) Also, for fonts, if it is on your computer, it will be recognized, but every one may not see it. Like if you put the font, Comic Sans MS, Every one will see it. But if you put an obscure font that you downloaded, like Pokemon Solid Normal only you can see it the way it is supposed to look, or anyone else who downloaded that font.

Pages to be CodedEdit

Pages to be Coded



If you would like to sing up to code, please put a message on my wall and i will add you and i will give you some important stuff for coding. Please will someone join me to help the world of Character pages.

1. Kaptep525

2. Mo2damo

3. Great Expectations