Charlie "The Scene" Fox
The Scene
Heir to the Fox gang
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive, 20
Powers None
Other statistics
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Group Fox Gang
Location The streets


He was born into a family of Crimanals. When he was 5 his father tried to make him join the family bisnuss. He accepted and was welocmed with open arms. He was told he had to earn his way to the top and was put into a gang when he was 9. He was accepted but barely, the fact he was their boss' son meant nothing to them. He was given his first Tattoo when he was 11. When he turned 15 he was arrested. When he was 17 he was welcomed back into his family's mansion and became the heir to the gang. He still has strong ties to gang members.


He fights for Glory, Victory, Dominance, and his first reaction to threats are Ambush or Fight Dirty. He sees death often and has no care for anyone that he doesn't know. He would fight for his friends and family. His gangs respect him as a fair, experienced, and fun.


Charlie has blonde hair and blue eyes. He has multiple tattoos all over his body from his gang years. Due to the rigorous training, he is quite muscular, primarily in the upper body region.


He usually wears hoodies and loose fitting jeans. His hoodies all have gang signs on them and holes for his thumbs to make them part gloves, you can see the traces of spray paint and cuts from knifes and broken glass.


He is a great marksman with both guns and throwing knifes. He is a good rapper and that is how he got his nickname "The Scene" because he can make a scene with his rapping. But he unfortunately is not very good with open up close fighting. He can kill a man if he isn't expecting it or fighting back but otherwise he is almost always gonna fail.


His favorite crowbar, Baseball bat, Glock 18, and his grandfather's icepick.
  • His Bat.
  • His Crowbar.
  • His Grandfather's Ice pick
  • His gun, Duece