Elijah "Dom" Domville
"No, no, no, the Colt Anaconda is a terrible gun! Try the diamondback or perhaps the army issue 1879 instead!"


Fox Gang's Strategist
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive, 20
Powers Telepathy, Advanced Healing Factor, Enhanced Reflexes, Genius-Level Intellect
Other statistics
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Group Fox Gang
Location Mobile


Elias Jackson Alburn was born in Miami, Florida fifteen years ago. Unfortunately, he was born with a horrible brain tumor. His parents, the very wealthy Dr. and Mrs. Alburn, payed for the best scientists and doctors in Florida to remove the tumor. The doctors succeeded in removing the tumor, and even injected a serum in his brain that enhanced his brain cells, plus remarkably gave him Telepathy. The problem was, his brain rejected the serum and drove him crazy. When he was seven his parents would not let him go to Disney World, so he killed them. He used his telepathy to make the solid gold butchers knives go through his parents heads, and stole their money. He used the money to buy guns from the black market. It was two years ago that Elias found the Jester at The Ending Laugh, and quickly joined. At the end of the next year, he became Lt. of The Ending Laugh. 

One year ago however, Elias was shot through the brain by MI6 agent Nicholas Feirn. It should have killed him, and in fact Nicholas reported him as dead however the regenerative serum in his brain managed to reconstruct the lost brain cells, in fact recreating more than before, increasing his intellect and powers along with breaking him out of his insanity. Finally able to understand things fully, Elias' advanced intellect told him that it would not be best to stay with the Ending Laugh now, and instead led him towards Stanford where he studied for six months, before his record breaking IQ of 201 managed to earn him a doctorate, placing him as the person to get the fastest doctorate in all recorded history. So to ditch his previous criminal history and allow him to be accepted into the University, Elias took upon himself the alias of Elijah Domville, a name he kept as he decided to go back to his old criminal ways, this time siding with the Fox Gang instead. He has helped the gang strategize their crimes ever since, and has been given the nickname of Dom.