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Essie -member of Young Justice
-Ghost Girl

 – October 5, 2012

Essie Parker
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"Hello, I am new..."
Ghost Girl
Vintage Queen
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Status alive; 19 (physically)
Powers ghost powers
Other statistics
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Chocolate Brown
Group Young Justice
Location Mount Justice


The year was 1962 and Essie was merely 10 years old. As a girl, she saw strange occurances happening around her. One day in her small park in new york, a sudden scene flashed into her mind, causing her to crumble to the floor. She saw a man--a very familiar looking man-- being shot in a convertable car! His lifeless head flew into the lap of the woman next to him, motionless. The very next year, John F. Kennedy, the then president of the united states, was shot the exact same way she had seen it the year before. Knowing of her ability to see the future, Essie ran away from home at age 13 after a few more catastrofies. She became depressed, living on the streets, and hated her power more and power. She befriended a mad scienctist, who promised her a normal life, away from the creepy flashes. She agreed to be experimented on, fuy unaware of the consequences. Several tries went by but she still predicted the future. On their last try he discovered something, a serum that turns you into a human for good. He tried with his fingers crossed and finally she became normal. however sortly after, the scientist knocked her out, took her DNA, and used her blood for super-human testing purposes. She fled just in time, but had many wounds and scratches. At midnight she ran on the streets and bumped into a mafia gang, who shot her after she refused to go with them. After the bright light she opened her eyes and was on the same curb where she died. Her clothes, her hair-everything was normal. She was a ghost and didn't know how until she realized that the serum's true purpose was. Essie currently has ghost powers, and is immortal. She resides at mount justice after meeting them shortly after turning into a ghost.


Future seeing (formally) - Essie formally had these powers in which she could see things before they happened. It was not determind how far in the future these things were but they are pretty close in the future, sometimes even an hour or a minute.

Ghost powers - Essie can turn invisible, go through walls, become intangible, and talk to the dead. She can still change her clothes but not use other people's clothing or wear.

Weakness: Essie is ammune to static shock and will be knocked out by it.


Essie has long chocolate brown hair, hazel eyes, and freckly skin. She prefers being natural and wears no makeup. She is absolutely in love with vintage clothing and hates wearing modern clothes. Her favorite colors are pastel blue and pink, along iwth black and white.