Ethan Moon
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Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive; 17
Powers Super strength; invincibillity
Other statistics
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Group Young Justice
Location Mount Justice


Ethan -member of Young Justice

 – August 1, 2012



Early LifeEdit

When Ethan was a small child, he knew he had powers almost immediately. Him and his sister, Emma, would get into lifting competitions. When both of them were growing up, they were at disadvntages since they lived on a ranch in northern Texas. They grew up at odds with eah other, but Ethan always knew he had to protect his little sis'. They were basically best friends, and did everything together.

Whirlwind LifeEdit

After years of working on their farm, they were caught in a whirling storm, and not just litterally. Their parents started to argue, and eventually divorced. They stayed with their dad on the farm. After that experience, Ethan knew he would have to protect his sister even more. A few years after that, they were caught in a horrible storm. A tornado took out their entire ranch, including their dad. They had to go live in Gotham City, a long ways away. But eventually, they made a life there; even though it wasn't good, it gave them money.

Life as a Theif And Acceptance Into Young JusticeEdit

Ethan and his sister became criminals, and would go around robbing banks just to make it along. Ethan knew it wasn't the best, but it's the only thing they could do. Eventually, Nightwing found them and brought them to justice. He gave them two choices: either go to Belle Reve Penitentiary, or turn their ways and join Young Justice.They both chose the later, and started their journey to become heroes.


Ethan is very strong-hearted, brave, and never backs down. He keeps a close watch on his sister. He likes to excersice; like playing basketball or running. He also likes to play on a PS5 if he gets the chance. He doesn't like to have a room; he's gotten used to sleeping on the hard ground. He usually stays with his sis all the time, but let's her stray every now and then.


Ethan has blond hair, with a cowlick on the front. He usually wears a torn white, sleeveless shirt, braces on his wrist, red suspenders,black jeans, and a pad-lock on his neck. The lock is a reminder of his previous life; of a theif.