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Once you have roleplayed a character for at least a month you are ready for him/her to lead a mission. Please have in mind how many others you wish to bring on the mission and any details about the quest you know. An administrator will then approve your request or if there are any changes or additional info needed in order for them to do so they will let you know. Upon approval you will need to talk with either Thing or Mo2damo, our resident mission administrators, to receive your mission agenda along with various other pieces of information needed for the mission. Once you have recieved everything you need from The Mission Administrators and you have all your mission mates (a total of 3 to 6 should be on every quest so you and 2 to 5 quest mates), at this point the mission will begin. If you have any questions at any time before making the quest or while on the quest contact an administrator.

  1. You must have roleplayed a character for two weeks to join a mission
  2. You must have roleplayed a character for a month to lead a mission

Approval Form SampleEdit

Some things you should have in your Mission Request:

  1. Name of Character
  2. Character's Mentor
  3. Letter if there was one
  4. General idea behind the details of the quest
  5. General idea of villains they may encounter
  6. End game, the stuff the squadron doesn't know but the user/leader plans
  7. General idea of locations planned
  8. Number of squad members desired (2 to 4 besides the leader)
  9. Sign your claim

If your quest starts out with a letter, use this template.


You open the mail to find this message:

Dear Apprentice,

Please help


Once the mission is approved you will make a page for the quest:

  1. Letter/Important Information
  2. Members
  3. Mission Agenda and other Information
  4. Locations

Add the Category:Missions to the page as well, once you have all members and a mission agenda, you may begin

Missions that go over 14 days with no edits are subject to deletion, if you know you need more time, please ask that the quest be put on hold.

In order to count as having led a quest, the quest must get to a reasonable point. Preferably through at least one monster attack, and definitely well past having left camp. This is to prevent people from intentionally starting a quests but never putting any work into them, just to be able to count as having "Led" a quest.

If you want, there's a count down timer:

{{Count Down Clock|December 31 00:00:00 EST|mission ends in}}

Once the end date is reach, the clock starts counting up.....

Need Help? Want to lead a quest but no idea what to do for one? Well here's some general ideas you can borrow. These are all very generic, you can't use the idea straight as they are, you need to just use these as a start point. In order to get them approved you'll have to add more details and customize them to fit your character.

If you use one, please remove it from the list.

Ideas by MentorEdit

Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl,etc.


  1. THE JOKER has kidnapped Robin.
  2. RED HOOD is on a killing spree throughout Gotham.
  3. COMMISSIONER GORDON has gone missing.
  1. Lois Lane has gone missing or has been kidnapped.
  2. Darkseid has kidnapped Superman.
  3. Lex Luthor has convinced the public that Superman is a criminal and needs to be dealt with.
Green Lantern
  1. Someone has been Green Lantern Corps members.
  2. Sinestro has gone missing and if he is not found in a month there will be war between the Green Lanterns and the Yellow Lanterns.
  1. Atlantis is going to war against the Amazons because Queen Corah has gone missing. This also works for proteges of Wonder Woman.
Wonder Woman
  1. Someone has stolen the Lasso of Truth.
  2. An Amazonian revolutionary has been kidnapped, causing an uprising in Amazonia.
  1. Someone is interfering with the Speed Force.
  2. Someone has used the Speed Force to go back in time and change something important.
Martian Manhunter
  1. There is a war going on on Mars between various species of Martians.

Generic IdeasEdit

New Apprentice
  1. She's received word from <insert mentor name here> that her mentor has recently taken on a new apprentice in wake of her joining Young Justice. The apprentice has been kidnapped by <insert villain> and her mentor has asked her to rescue her.
Justice War
  1. For some reason the members of the Justice League have been very hostile recently and have started having full length battles on a daily basis, and <insert mentor> wants someone to find out why.

Are you having a hard time getting your quest approved? Getting frustrated? Here's some helpful tips to either avoid or remember when making a claim for a quest....


  1. One of the most important things to remember when building a quest, is why there needs to be quest approval to begin with. You see early on people were wanting to do all sorts of crazy over the top over powerful stuff, like even kill major villains like the Joker. The approval forum is just to ensure that nothing crazy absurd is happening. It doesn't mean it has to be a script that you follow to the letter once the mission is made, just a general guideline.

Missions to be ApprovedEdit


Submit your Mission request here....

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Missions that Have Been ApprovedEdit

Has your mission been approved? If so, go ahead and make a page for it....

(Note: Don't forget to give your mission the category Category:Missions. And remember do not make a mission page if your quest has not been approved yet. Once you make the page, list it below under active quests.... :) Cheers and Happy Missions!)

Missions that have begunEdit

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Detailed List of All Active MissionsEdit

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