Gotham City


Gotham City is the most dangerous city in the entire world, with a crime rate for murder and non-negilent manslaughter at more than 173. Because of this, it is also home to fearful and corrupt cops who will do anything to make sure they survive the next drug bust. However, here in Gotham, there are some crimes which cannot be handled by even GCPD's best, Jim Gordon. These are the crimes categorised under SVC, or Super-Villain Confrontation. Do to this, there are also many vigilantes and crime fighters living in Gotham, the only force against this evil. And there is a lot of evil in Gotham- all three major villain groups, the Injustice League, the Legion of Fear and the League of Shadows have strong ties in the city. However, under the watch of Batman and his allies, Gotham may one day become a happy place to live.



League of ShadowsEdit

Shadow's Martial Arts

Legion of FearEdit

Arkham Asylum

Injustice LeagueEdit

High SchoolsEdit

Gotham Academy