Alaska's Shed


This is where Alaska lives and makes all of his Gadgets and weapons.It looks like a Shed from the outside and Inside but there is a Trapdoor that leads to an Elevator that leads dowwn to a hidden Lab.He spends his days here looking practicing his aim and tinkering away at new prototype weapons. Along with the trapdoor, there is also a secret tunnel entrance that can only be opened by Alaska and Atlantis (assured by an optical and thumb scanning device). This is how they rendezvous to discuss new missions. The tunnel also leads to the ICCOR HQ and Atlantis' Hideout


Inside is a two story(But still small) living Area with a bed on the Second floor,A few boxes with random Items on the First Floor.A Library that runs through both floors and a Kitchen on the First Floor and an Armory on the Second.He keeps two pet Wolves (Winter and Autumn) in there for Company and Security.He also has a few small animals running around that his wolves like to eat.


Below a chair in the First Floor is a Trapdoor that has a ladder leading down to another Armory with all sorts of equipment and uniforms with pictures and ribbons along the walls and a small worktable with a few books and forging equipment on it.At the end of the hall is an elevator that leads down to his lab.Inside the elevator is an Assault Rifle and a few more pictures and ribbons.


At the end of the Elevator is a small lab with all sorts of gadgets and weapons of all kinds.His wolfs have a small


His Lab

passage that only their big enough to go through that leads to the lab.Their are many big machines and Elecricity running all over the place.Their are three other Rooms leading to other Labs with more machines,gadgets,and prototype weapons.The middle Machine is actually the main power system for his entire shed and Lab and he can control allot of the equipment from there.