• Freshman Weight Set
  • Red Tornado modeled the "Spotting Robots" after his siblings
  • Hand-to-Hand Lifting Area
The weight room in Mount Justice has multiple machines, weights, and sets. However their are four different areas, each varying in weight and types of lifting. As you walk in you are in a yoga area however to your left is a restroom and if you continue straight you will pass all of the areas you can lift.

"Freshman Area" - Actually called the begginer area it is where the people new to weight lifting go. The heaviest that can get on the bar is 150 lbs, and there are robotic spotters that you are required to turn on, unless you have a person with you.

"Regulars" - This is the next step up in weight lifting. There are also robotic spotters here as well. The maximum weight is 300. This is the average for most of the team.

"Hand-to-Hand" - This is where people that specialize in strength, while still human. This is where more close combat fighters are. The max here is 550.

"Super-Human" - This is where people with meta-genes that help them with strength lift. Here robotic spotters are always required, and this area has no max out limit.