Red robin, holdenjerfferson4

Red Robin VI -member of Young Justice
-New Red Robin

 – August 2



Red robin, holdenjerfferson4
Holden grew up in a bad neighborhood, where people broke into your house and stole your belongings and if you were unlucky, they killed you. After Holden's dad died infront of his very eyes, Holden began to get angry. Learning how to survive on his own, Holden started doing crimes. One of the crimes he did, was that he stole from a mueseum. A Isis amulet. After months of not finding out who it was, Batman became curious. That night, Holden stole a diamond necklace. While at the scene waiting for Holden, Batman grapped Holden and held him upside down and demanded Holden to tell Batman why he does this. Holden explained the night his dad died, and how his mom left when he was little, and all the bad stuff that happened to him. Batman took Holden home and collected all the jewels he stole, and returned them. Then, Batman took Holden to the Bat Cave, seeing that Holden had potential and how he was too old to be Robin, and asked Holden to become Red Robin. With hesitation, Holden said yes.

Skills Edit

fighting, high intelliegence, expert detective, jewel thief, pick pocketer


Red Robin Weapons:As Red Robin, Holden uses a staff, with an added hidden blade, grapnel guns, and throwing discs {similar to batarangs, but circular and adorned with the Red Robin insignia.}


Red Robin Costume: Holden's costume is, free of the cowl with a domino mask similar to both his Robin costumes, and has new wings rather than a cape, and it is basically a dark red jumpsuit with a yellow utility belt and black highlights on the jumpsuit. The shirt portion of the suit appears to be jacket-like. The new suit does also use the bo staff as a weapon.