Izzy Schelling
Butterfly Girl
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive; 15
Powers Butterfly wings
Other statistics
Eye Color one blue, one green (a side effect from all the experiments she's had)
Hair Color bleach blonde with multicolored highlights
Group Shadows of Protection
Location -


Not much is known of Izzy. She grew up in a normal family until she was abducted and forced into trafficking at a young age. Instead of using her for men, they experimented on her with a new prototype called the butterfly effect. Their purpose was to seal her in a cacoon like-state, but it backfire and instead she was wrapped up for several days and emerged with pixie-like butterfly wings. At first she could not ocntorl them and they flew her around everywhere, leading ot her escape form her kidnappers. From age 12 until now she has been able ot control her wings to the point of hiding them when she wants to. When she was 14 she joined the shadows of protection.