Agent Name: Iowa

Real Name: Oden Carson Styne


Partner: Deceased


Oden was born to Carson and Marrisa Styne in Pink Town, Lancashire, England. His father, Carson, was one of the Seven and died shortly after Oden was born. His mother was ill and bedridden with an unknown disease that would kill her. He grew up with very high expectations but unfortunately he had very little education because he had to provide for his mother. Growing up with Scott, Oden's best friend, was very good for Oden. Scott was considered a genius and often taught Oden what he could. His neighbor, a friend of Carson, trained Oden what Carson would have taught him. He learned survival skills, lying skills, deception, and observational skills. When he turned 14 his mother died but before she died she told him he had a special power. He could use pheromone manipulation. He was always told what his father did and what he needed to do. He was always compared to his father and always, no matter how hard he tried, failed. However this is all in opinion as if his parents were alive they would be very proud of the man Oden has become. He was accepted into the Justice Agency at age 20.

Comments: "He is an odd one, however he is still effective." - Director Olympus

"I just want to know how in the hell he made a sword with the amount of metal we gave him!" - Agency Instructor