Note: Ruby's mother was killed by a hero when she was seven. The hero is, from this day, unconfirmed.


Ruby "La Bonita" Cortez -member of Fox's Gang
-La Bonita Ruby

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*smiles sweetly* Hola, are you here because you want me to kill you?
Ruby Cortez
Hola, como esta? My name is Ruby*smiles* now give me yo stuff~ La Bonita Ruby
La Bonita Ruby (the Beautiful Ruby)
La Bonita
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive; 16
Powers See Powers
Other statistics
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown (occasionally dyed)
Group Fox Gang
Location Wherever he goes, she goes



Ricardo, before the explosion

Ruby Cortez was born in a family full of metahumans, and they all used their abilities for money and fame. Ruby's father, Guillermo Cortez, had the same ability as Ruby's brother, Ricardo. Which was Spontaneous Combustion.Ruby gained the ability of persuasion and supernatural beauty.

While robbing a bank with their father, Ricardo made the mistake of drinking alcohol and threw it near his father. When they were making a getaway, when the police came, Ricardo made an explosion on the glass bottle, on accident, and he blew himself up. Devastated, Guillermo took the money and fled to tell Ruby the news. This happened when Ruby was fourteen.The night of her brother's death, Ruby ran away from her father because she didn't want to be around him anymore, and she joined the Fox Gang, where she became best friends with Aaron "Kid" Walters.

As Aaron took the name Kid, Ruby embraced the name La Bonita. (the Beautiful One)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Hypnotic Beauty also known as Blinding Beauty is the ability to stun subjects with unnaturally good looks (trapping them in the thought of Ruby’s beauty like a deer in headlights, similar to Memorization or Stupefaction). Ruby also tends to use her good looks to reach her goals. Not to mention, subliminal power allows her to be perceived as beautiful by all who look at her (even some perspicuous minds).

  • She can bind people to her will to do anything she wants them to do. That is known as Persuasion.

Organic Ruby Form: Ruby is capable of turning her skin into a ruby form. This transformation can be maintained indefinitely, and prevents visible aging. In this form, she can survive without sustenance.

  • Ruby Shapeshifting: Ruby can shapeshift specific parts of her body. She can turn one part of her body into a blade like state.
  • Invulnerability: This form allows Ruby increased stamina and invulnerability.
  • Immortality: Because her transformation can be maintained indefinitely, requires no sustenance and prevent visible aging, Ruby can theoretically live forever.
  • Ruby Shards: Ruby can shoot ruby shards out of her Ruby Form.
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Psychic Immunity


  • Ruby can speak English and Spanish
  • Ruby is a type of jewel, so basically she is known as the Beautiful Stone
  • Ruby loves her snapbacks
  • Ruby also loves her IPhone15
  • Ruby owns two guns
  • She also owns two knives
  • Ruby knows Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, Brazillian Ji Jiutsu, and El Juego del Garrote