Techno -member of None

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Huh,who are you?


O.P.S. -member of None
-Optical Preference System

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Initializing Scan
I'm a Cyborg.A pretty intelligent one at that. -Techno
Former unknown name
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive,Around 16-17
Powers Enhanced Intelligence

Enhanced Reflexes Enhanced Stamina

Other statistics
Eye Color Light blue
Hair Color Red
Group He's just wandering around at the Moment.(Free for any group)
Location He wanders.


He doesn't remember his history.All he knows that he was in a terrible Accident and lost his Left Arm and Right Leg.He was found by a Scientist who then gave him Robot Limbs to replace the ones he lost.When he woke up he suffered from serious Amnesia and was renamed Techno due to not remembering his name.He lived with the Scientist for a whole year and learned lots from him.Later the Scientist also messed with his DNA to make him extremely intelligent and gave him enhanced reflexes and Stamina.Eventually the Military hunted down the Scientist as it turns out he was a wanted criminal for doing DNA experiments.The Scientist last gift to him was O.P.S.(Optical Preference System though he is commonly refered to as just "Ops").Techno spent his last days in the lab developing all sorts of technology to help him such as is Power Armor which is all compressed into a Backpack shape when he's not using it and an unbreakable Electric Sword.He is now wondering the streets looking for a purpose in life.


He is kinda awkward to talk to in a conversation cause he never really talked to anyone before.He will always scan you when you talk to him and never makes too much contact with people.


  • Robotic Limbs
  • Enhanced Intelligence
  • Enhanced Stamina
  • Enhanced Reflexes


  • He has a TACPad built within his Left Arm.
  • He also has a Slot in his Left Arm for Ops' Data Chip(Which he can take out at any time)
  • He stands at an astounding 7'5"
  • He weighs 347 Pounds.