William Blanco
In darkest day in silent night

With souls filled with light

Crush those who bring Blackest night

By our hand White Lantern's Light! -William

White Lantern
Leader of Good Lantern corps
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive,32
Powers The power of Light
Other statistics
Eye Color Light Gray
Hair Color Brown
Group Justice League
Location Mount Justice

William -member of Good Lantern Corps
-White Lantern

 – 17:36, March 17, 2012 (UTC)

Hey what's up?I'm the leader of the Good Lantern Corps


When he was born his parents were assasinated by an unknown group.He was raised an Orphan and when he turned 13 a Blue Power Ring fell near him and then he was the chosen Blue Lantern of Earth,decpite th code saying that only a loyal Green Lantern could become a Blue Lantern.He became a powerful member over time becoming the dtrongest out there.Eventually a White Power Ring fell next to him and he was chosen to be the new White Lantern.He keeps his Blue Ring though as a secondary ring on his other hand.


He stands for everything a White Lantern would stands for.He fights for the good of the Galaxy and is hunting to find the Black Power Ring and stop it from choosing a victim.


White Power Ring- The last of it's kind as other's were destroyed.It fights for everything good and runs off teh Energy of the Good willed

Blue Power Ring- His Backup ring that he keeps with him.It is powered by the hope of other's and makes him even more powered.


  • It is unknown why he was chosen by a Blue Ring instead of a Green one but it is assumed that it was part of him being the next White Lantern
  • His parents are unknown even to him